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This is not your typical movie review site. Hidden inside is a treasure trove of some of the most vile, ridiculous, wastes of time on the planet. To view these will automatically make you an outcast in your circle of friends.

However, with your sense of humor set on "random" and "confusion," the cheese factor of the high-rated movies on this site will leave you in absolute stitches. Don't look for great directing, acting, dialogue, etc. The higher the rating, the better the overall experience is had; basically, you will have fun watching it as a goofy example of a good movie gone terribly, terribly wrong. It is a good idea to view some of these movies with a group of buddies on a whim to fully enjoy the round table laughter that will erupt occasionally; just don't make it seem like you're watching said flicks to be serious.

But be warned. Whereas the movies with high ratings on this site are bad but fun, the ones with the lowest ratings represent some of the most evil, vomit inducing, insomnia cures ever. These movies will probably make you mad; not only because you wasted money and time on them, but realizing that someone was paid to make them. Watch only if your stomach is strong and your will is iron.

First, to get a good idea how we come about our ratings, check out the "About Us" section, down below our bios.

The ratings scale starts at NO, meaning those movies should be avoided like a leper with pneumonia. Following NO, the rating continues with a 0 to 10 scale. Anything above a 7 or so should be considered safe, but you should always read the "Final Word" at the bottom of the review page. Thrown in the middle are various tidbits and lines that are found in the movie; they are in chronological order, so you can follow along and try to find all the references we threw in. Use the "Printer Friendly Version" button to create an instantly printable sing-along page that you can watch the movie with. Take it with you on your next trip home and show your mom! She'll be so excited!

Also, there is a checklist; usually stuff like plot, editing, script are checked off in this to indicate whether or not to expect a real story, a bit of acting or two, or if anything makes any damn sense (usually, not so much.) These checkpoints are to get a quick overview of the core of the movie and if it's well made (hahahahahhahahahah). One such checkmark is the heralded "Uppercut," which Fox has been looking for one for years in our selection of pain. As of 3/17/07, we have found one (actually, 20!) in Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood!

Final note: Every once in a while we'll get a bug up our watoosie to check out a legit movie and throw it up here. It's not the typical way of doing business, but hey, whose site is this anyway? Wanna fight about it? Just remember, though, at one point the older movies that end up here at one point were up to date and current masterpieces. I mean Snuff had picket lines for crying out loud.

All original content is copyright 2003-2009 by the original author. Reproduction must be authorized by the author, contact us here. The files on here are in accordance with the Fair Use Law.

The Cheesy Movie Night Movie Crew
Captain Cool
Captain Cool Avatar

Almost an expert in the horror genre, the Captain has amassed a considerable collection. He is currently stationed in Germany as a Emergency Medical Techinican in the Air Force. Along with Fox, he was one of the originators of the hit radio show Tranquil Aggression, which has a tremendous following in the surrounding Bulloch County area.

Fox Avatar

Growing up on a steady diet of horror movies ever since he was a wee lad, Fox brings his past experiences into play whenever a movie is being shown.

He is a graduate of Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communications with a focus of Media Studies.

He also writes movie scripts, mainly horror, and is currently turning his senior thesis project, a horror script titled "Consumed," into a feature length film.

Top Three Favorite Cheesy Films: Burial Ground, Death by Dialogue, Deadly Spawn

Smidlett Avatar

Smidlett joined this chaotic group of friends in 2002, at first only going for the laughs, but soon picking out her own gems and jewels for all to enjoy. While not being a fan of the “true” horror movie genre, she enjoys watching these random films, and every now and then gets to emit a random squeak here and there when the ketchup looks to real. She graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2003 with a degree in International Studies. She also became Mrs. Smidlett Zombie this October 2004.

Wolf Zombie
Wolf Zombie Avatar

A graduate from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Computer Science, Wolf is the main programmer and designer of this site. He brings a certain naivety to the group, as he is not as experienced as Fox and the Captain in the horror field. This adds a different flavor to the reviews not found anywhere else.

He was welded to his better half, Smidlett, on October 30th, 2004, which was coincidentally Fox’s quarter of a century spawning anniversary.

If you have any technical questions about the site, this is the guy to ask.

Yellow Flags

Cheesy Movie Night came into existence when three friends decided to have, well, a cheesy movie night every week. With two movies in hand, the gang would throw the flicks in, hoping for the best, often getting the worst. The local rental outlets would suffer as well, as many boxes and tapes were near-destroyed from their rage. The friends decided to warn people out in the world with their extensive knowledge of all things terrible.

Initially, the website was (by unspoken rule) devoted to destroying bad horror movies. It wasn't exactly something we decided on, it's just what happened.

We have now decided to branch out into other territories. The old stand-bys of random violence, uppercuts, pointless nudity and all that won't quite work for genres such as crappy kung-fu, crappy action, crappy coming-of-age or whatever, so the idea now will be to analyze each movie by it's own criteria. As we get a better idea of what this means for each genre, the site will probably evolve with our new knowledge. Eventually, yes, we will have seen every bad movie in the world, and be better (yet infinitely more scarred) people for it.

Thanks for your patience with the changes, and I hope you enjoy the new directions we're going.


Texas Justice - Killing and destroying without pause, going on a rampage and smashing everything in sight.

Example: Cheerleader Camp

Extreme - This is usually used with something that is the opposite of extreme, i.e. extreme finger pointing or extreme walking sequence. In other words, the scene or activity is blown out of proportion to ridiculous, well, extremes, and we point it out.

Example: The Undertaker and His Pals

Foul or Yellow Flag - Anything that takes away from the movie, i.e. blatant avoidance of showing gore when a horror movie is about a killer chainsaw wielding gorilla that eats people's faces.

Example: Daughters of Darkness

Hadoken - Comes from the Street Fighter series of games. No, it doesn't mean someone threw a fireball. It means that there is a huge punch or attack that takes somebody out, like a mallet to the face.

Example: Zombie 4: After Death

Combo - Like the above, it just means that someone gets a series of shots in to someone else. Sometimes it is credited as a "Ultra Combo," which is from the game Killer Instinct, and means that it was a huge combo that took the victim out of the game.

Example: Exorcism

Bazooka shot - Similar to the punches and such above, this term refers to a ridiculous gunshot that is way over the top, sometimes even in slow motion.

Example: Curse of the Cannibal Confederates

Punkers - Actually a term that comes from a movie that we watched ages ago. Punkers, to us, now basically means some youngun's acting up.

Example: I Drink Your Blood

Whar's mah prunes - The opposite of punkers, this is a reference to super old people being old and super...super silly!

Example: Beyond the Darkness

Hellooo nurse - From "The Animaniacs," it's a signal there is an attractive female in the nearby vicinity.

Example: Return of the Blind Dead

Cobra! - We started using this whenever we saw a troop of people (not necessarily army guys, just a group) barging onto the scene, a la the bad guys from "G.I. Joe." Remember, knowing is half the battle!

Example: Zombie Lake

I Saw It. - We use this when we are pointing something out that obviously means the opposite of what we said, because something happened in the movie that makes no sense. I.E. A gunshot to the face simply makes you sneeze. I saw it.

Example: Purple Glow

NTTAWWT - Stands for "Not That There's Anything Wrong With That." A meme from Fark, where Fox spends way too much time.

Example: Fear No Evil

Next time you are looking for something through, follow one of the links on our site to purchase it or click here. A portion of the sale will go towards maintaining this site.
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