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    13 Seconds (2003)
"13 Seconds" Boxart

Woken up by strange noises one night, a man named Davis goes to investigate. The phone rings, the T.V. comes on, typical scary-stuff happens. The front door opens up, and Bat Boy (you know, from the tabloids?) attacks him, sticking his fingers into his arm. He then comes to on the floor, no worse for wear.

We then cut to the next day. The rock band Night Gallery, which Davis is a member of, goes to a secluded old house to record their third album. They bring along two sound guys, Mac and Sidetrack, to help them. Tagging along are two girlfriends, Kara and Talia. The band takes a couple hours off, wandering around the house, and sleeping; Davis and Gage go downstairs to shoot up some heroin. A presumed fourth member of the band, Shapiro, shows up at the house mumbling "better late than never."

Soon after, some spooky things beging to happen. A tricycle wanders down a hallway....but no one is on it!!!!!! And there is a crazy art gallery that shows people's fates on it. Band members start dying left and right, and the remaining members are left to figure out what's going on. It seems that a spirit of a murdered boy is haunting the place, and he is "Alone" due to his "Brother." Mysterious guys with wrapped heads pop up and assault the heroes with axes while whipping their heads around violently.

Just what the frick is going on? You'll have to watch to find out, and the answer may surprise you! But, probably not.

Cheeser Meter: 2.3 out of 10 (Based on 2 ratings, rate this movie)
Year: 2003
Copyright: 2003 Ravencroft Cinema
Tagline: Time is running out.
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Who Picked This Movie?
It was Fox who gave us the pleasure of viewing this gem.

Davis - Jeff Thomas
Gage - Daniel Rain
Kara - April Cole
Colin - Rob Yensch
Talia - Sarah Corbin
Mac - Kevin Kuras
Shapiro - Esa Scott
Sidetrack - Robert Miller
Adramalech - Daniel Rowe

Written and Directed by - Jeff Thomas

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Fox - 2.5 out of 10

Apparently this movie won all sorts of awards from various Independent Film companies. What I want t ...

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Check list

Random violence - yes
Shaky people - yes
Original idea - no
Acting - no
Script - no

Look For

Oh no! Bat Boy attacks! He must need work really badly.
Did Gage just have an orgasm?
He's chewing on the tooth? Did he think they were candy teeth?
His beautiful prayer is "Dear Lord, help me?"
I guess the book pissed her off....somehow...
And Davis is body checked by the screeching Gimp!
Upside down Bat-Boy!
Wow..."I'm" pretty hot....aaahhhh!!
Why are his arms stuck in the air like that? Lose the tight sweater man.'re warning him now that he's in less danger?

Best Lines

Kara - "Can't we all just get along?"

Davis - "You know, bite me."

Sidetrack - "You know what bothers me?"
Gage - "Your hair?"

Mac - "About six years, man."
Sidetrack - "So, uh, are you bored with these?"

Colin - "That's not important. What's important is me going back to my room, and getting drunk."

Sidetrack - "You need to tie that bitch up."

Davis - "Don't worry. Nothing ever happens in a library."

Shapiro - "Davis!"
Davis - "Shapiro!"

Sidetrack - "Davis!"
Davis - "Sidetrack!"

Talia - "The basement?"
Sidetrack - "Yeah, the lowest level."

Sidetrack - "Not yet....almost...real soon!"

Adramalech - "Blasphemy is so damn convenient."

Final Verdict
No. Just...don't. Boring, badly acted...please,
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