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"Best of the Best" Boxart

The US national Karate team is training to take on the dreaded Korean team in a tournament set to take place in three months. Their coach has that long to whip them into shape before they are all killed by the crazy Asians that train all day and all night, which seems to consist of the Koreans breaking cement blocks, standing in waterfalls, and yelling at the camera.
As the tag-line implies, the guys must come together as a team before they can even hope to take on the Korean fighters. Can they get past their personal problems and prejudices to kick some Korean ass? Hey, with terrible 80's music and lots of montages, how can they lose?

Cheeser Meter: 8.3 out of 10 (Based on 2 ratings, rate this movie)
Year: 1989
Copyright: 1989 SVS Films
Tagline: A team is not a team if you don't give a damn about each other.
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Who Picked This Movie?
It was Wolf Zombie who gave us the pleasure of viewing this gem.

Tommy - Phillip Rhee
Alex - Eric Roberts
Travis - Chris Penn
Virgil - John Dye
Sonny - David Agresta
Coach - James Earl Jones
Wade - Sally Kirkland
Dae Han - Simon Rhee

Director - Robert Radler
Written by - Phillip Rhee, Paul Levine, & Max Strom

Reviews from the Cheesy Movie Night Crew

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Fox - 8 out of 10

First, I'd like to say: RIP Chris Penn, your performance in this and part 2 will be remembered by le ...

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Wolf Zombie - 8.5 out of 10

Ha! Upon further review Fox? I don't think further review is necessary to see how this movie made i ...

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Check list

Requisite bar fight - yes
Cheesy inspirational music - yes
Montages - yes
Acting - no
Theme song - yes

Look For

Wow, the message of the movie so early?
Extreme running into a door!
Pointless mouth trumpeting!
Patented Eric Roberts fish surprise face.
Anti-smoking kick!
Talkin bout a montage! With pointless slo-mo!
Montage 2! With the great "Eye of the Tiger" rip-off theme song.
Super dramatic lighting in the practice room?
Ice cream dream sequene...did he just pass gas?
THAT inspired Tommy to go back?
Right, people watched Korean Tae Kwon Do matches in US bars in 1989.

Best Lines

Eric Roberts - "What about my son? Mummu, I love you."

Eric Roberts - "A medal."
Walter - "Can I have it?"
Eric Roberts - "Yes."
Walter - "Then you better win."

Travis - "Should've blocked with your face."

Coach - "U.S. National teeeeeeeeeeeeem."

Travis - "Where do you live, Kelly?"
Kelly - "About a drink away."
Travis - "That's a good neighborhood."

Tommy - "I didn't want a fight."
Eric Roberts - "All I wanted was a beer, shit happens."

Travis - "Are you yellow? Huh?"
Tommy - "Obviously."

Eric Roberts - "My kid might lose his leg."
Coach - "We all have our priorities."

Coach - "Point good!"

Super gay Travis - "Take that!"

Eric Roberts - "Goodamnit I said tape it uaauahhaaaahhhh!"

Eric Roberts - "Ah, Tommy yeah!"

Travis - "Drop him like a toilet seat Tommy!"

Eric Roberts - "No. Tommy. No. TOMMY NO!"

Eric Roberts - "I know all I will ever know about you."

Final Verdict
Get it, fool! Or are you yella?

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