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    Brain Damage (1988)
"Brain Damage" Boxart

An old couple bring home a nice fresh batch of animal brains for their 'friend' Aylmer. Little do they know, he has disappeared, and despite their best efforts to find him, he's found a new host... young Brian, who when we meet him, has already started his strange trip into madness, as Aylmer has injected him with "his juice." Hmmm. His "juice," indeed. What kind of movie is this?
Anyway, Aylmer demands food, and his food is human brains! As Brian trips off his merry ass, Aylmer gets a smorgasbord from the surround neighborhoods' brains. Brian comes to his senses long enough to try and do something about it, but is it too late to save his nasty ass girlfriend and his woman-stealing but still slightly homosexual brother? Not to mention THE FREAKING WORLD????

Cheeser Meter: 6.8 out of 10 (Based on 3 ratings, rate this movie)
Year: 1988
Copyright: 1988 Palisades Partners
Tagline: It's A Headache From Hell!
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Who Picked This Movie?
It was Captain Cool who gave us the pleasure of viewing this gem.

Brian - Rick Herbst
Mike - Gordon MacDonald
Barbara - Jennifer Lowry
Aylmer - Zacherley

Written and directed by - Frank Henenlotter

Reviews from the Cheesy Movie Night Crew

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Captain Cool - 6 out of 10

I don't know if I can back this thing as I was expecting more of a non-stop, all out, gore-fest inv ...

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Wolf Zombie - 6.5 out of 10

Man oh man... This is a tough one to score. I can't say that I have seen many movies that have such ...

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Fox - 8 out of 10

I had a lot of fun with this one, honestly. ...

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Check list

Anti-drug message - yes
Budget - no
"Mind blowing" blowjob - yes
Showtunes - yes
Incredibly bad film splicing - yes

Look For

Marshmallow filled old-people?
Did he just have an orgasm? (one of many!)
Texas Justice!
Why'd his shoe come off?
Extreme five minute long walking sequence!
Ok, no amount of drugs will make you look good. Never, no way, no how.
We've sprung a leak!
Dammit more man-ass.
New from Tyco, Blood Sprinkler!
Is that Nick Nolte?
Illegal use of an inside movie joke!
Um, bless you?
Why is he singing when his head is about to explode?

Best Lines

Brian - "Is he ok?"
Aylmer - "Yes, though a bit underdone."

Brian - "Woowoooowoowoowooo!"
Mike - "Things are getting really weird around here."

Barbara - "You're on drugs right?"

Horse woman - "Feels like you got a real monster in there."

Mike - "Forgot your buckets."

Aylmer - "Do you want me to leave you too?"
Brian - "No no!"
Aylmer - "Damn right you don't."

Brian - "Wugh!"

Final Verdict
High rental, possible buy, but be careful of slow spots. Might be a little bit too strange for some tastes!

Screen Shots:
Title Screen
Extremely Loud Screaming Lady
Our good buddy Aylmer
Aylmer's adorable smile
Glowing death trip
Anyone from Spaghetti with brain balls?
Horse Lady Herself
Brain pouring out hallucination
Death a la toilet
Illegal Inside Movie Joke
One more for Aylmer

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