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    Brain, The (1988)
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Dr. Anthony Blakely hosts a show called "Independent Thinking" which is sweeping the nation. On the show, Blakely is a kind-hearted old man that helps people with their everyday problems. Every parent in the city is taking their children to his institute for counseling.
However, behind the scenes, Blakely is in cahoots with a killer psychic brain that grows everytime it eats a person. Don't ask. The brain, hooked up to numerous wires and floating in slime, is using it's powers to 'brain'wash (haha) the people of the city.
Meanwhile, a young troublemaker named Jim has been sent to the institute. Tests done on Jim (which include seeing Christine Kossak's clothes fly off?) indicate that his brain is too strong to succumb to the 'brain'washing (hahaha). He is labeled a threat to society and accused of murder. On the run with his girlfriend Janet, Jim must stay one step ahead of Verna, Blakely's alarmingly persistent RFWG (random fat white guy) assistant. Will Jim and Janet survive? Can he clear his name before it's too late? Will we see the people who are pushing the brain around in a camera shot? That last one at least is a resounding YEP!

Cheeser Meter: 8.8 out of 10 (Based on 3 ratings, rate this movie)
Year: 1988
Copyright: 1988 Brightstar Films
Tagline: Mind Over Matter
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Who Picked This Movie?
It was Fox who gave us the pleasure of viewing this gem.

Dr. Anthony Blakely - David Gale
Jim Majelewski - Tom Bresnahan
Janet - Cynthia Preston
Verna - George Buza !The Man!
Officer Marks - Harry Booker
Vivian - Christine Kossak

Director - Ed Hunt
Written by - Barry Pearson

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Check list

Special effects - no
Random violence - yes
Bad puns - yes
Pure Sodium - yes
Fireworks - yes

Look For

OK, girl, time to stop smoking crack.
Mmmmm, tentacle mustard!
How did no one in the room see that he was putting the glue in the seat?
That...that's no coffee!! *Dum dum dum*
They're in a police car! How did they get out of the back seat????
Oh no!!! He ..... deflated?
How the hell did he get his cuffs off by himself?
Why not try running instead of trotting Jim?
High speed chase with a Pinto versus a police car! And the Pinto wins...?
Apparently snow melts and reforms very quickly where Jim lives...
How many stairs are in this stupid building?
Bazooka punch!
There it is, the infamous crew member pushing the killer brain scene.

Best Lines

Woods - "So you think you're an American, are you?"
Jim - "Last time I checked."
Woods - "Well, you're not, you're in high school."

Dr. Benton - "That's food for thought."

Janet - "We have to, Willy."
Willy - "Why do we have to?"
Janet - "I don't know."

Janet - "Nuh..."

Final Verdict
Definitely a must buy. It has almost everything you can ask for in a crappy movie! Plus, you get RFWG!
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