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Alison seems to have everything a girl could want. Popularity, a great assclown boyfriend, a spot on the cheerleading squad, friends, mental health instablities. Who could ask for more?
Hell we don't know. It's not our job to. What we do know is that her and her ragtag buncha teamates are off to some lame-ass, broken down, 'Cheerleader' camp run by one woman and a couple of guys who didn't make the "Caddyshack" films. Whilst Alison wrestles with her episdoes, other campers are being picked off one by one. All fingers start to (thanks to great editing) point to her, and Bonnie, and Brent, and Ms. Tipton, hmmm, maybe Pop. Or, or, it could be one of the guys in that whack-ass band on stage. Or maybe they point to that 49,287 lb. lard man-ass hanging out of the van window.
Screw pointing fingers. Shoulda been pointing guns.

Cheeser Meter: 1.0 out of 10 (Based on 2 ratings, rate this movie)
Year: 1987
Copyright: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Tagline: Give me a K - Give me an I - Give me an L - Give me an L
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Who Picked This Movie?
It was Captain Cool who gave us the pleasure of viewing this gem.

Alison - Betsy Russell
Brent - Leif Garrett
Cory - Lucinda Dickey
Bonnie - Lorie Griffin
Pop - George 'Buck' Flower
Timmy - Travis McKenna
Pamela - Teri Weigel
Theresa - Rebecca Ferratti
Ms. Dee Dee Tipton - Vickie Benson
Suzy - Krista Pflanzer
Sheriff Poucher - Jeff Prettyman
Chief Ronnie - William Johnson (you've got to be kidding!!!)

Written by - David Lee Fein & R.L. O'Keefe
Directed by - John Quinn

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Captain Cool - 0 out of 10

I'm runnin' outta yellow flags to throw. I'm gonna have to resort to socks pretty soon. I don't eve ...

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Fox - 2 out of 10

What a great cover. I remember the cover for this movie, back in the day, a wide-eyed young pup skip ...

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Check list

Random violence - yes
Pointless nudity - yes
Uppercut - no
"Feel the Spirit" - no
36,452 lb. man ass! -yes
A FUCKING 267,847 lb. MAN ASS!!! - yes

Look For

Thought I heard opportunity knocking around here somewhere.
FAT - MAN - ASS!!!
The hell did he say?!
Why make anything blatantly obvious? That's just silly.
I know he doesn't think he's cool with those shirts.
I see, that must be his gimmick.
Does Lief Garret always have to find a reason to run around in his fucking underwear?!
Don't get up. Don't get up.
You better hope it's April Fool's.
Texas justice!

Best Lines

Brent - "Yeah, well, I still think you're beautiful and your eyes told me to come over here."
Cheerleader - "Well my lips are telling you to go."

Pop - "Line of duty my ass. Line of dirty's more like it."

Bonnie - "I wish she'd care more about the team than getting honey on her muffin."

Pop - "The one in the orange shirt make your PP harder than a 10lb. pack of nickel jawbreakers, now what I mean?"

Alison - "She's dead, Brent."
Brent - "She's not dead."
Alison - "You don't know that."

Final Verdict
We'd rather be sent to 'Beat yourself senseless with a rusted lead pipe while drinking expired bleach' camp.

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