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"Curse of the Cannibal Confederates" Boxart

Some "meddling" kids decide to go camping for a weekend and just happen to stumble onto an old church and cemetary where very bitter (will they ever get over it?) members of the Confederate army are buried. One of the campers decides to "permanently borrow" a journal of one of the soldiers. Those danged kids! Always a'takin' whut ain't thars and a'causin trouble!!!
The soldiers wake *gasp!* and rather than just retrieve the damn book, they decide they want to eat everybody. That journal must be a great read.*hint hint*

**BTW: The original title for this film is "Curse of the Screaming Dead"**

Cheeser Meter: 6.5 out of 10 (Based on 2 ratings, rate this movie)
Year: 1982
Copyright: 1982 Little Warsaw Productions [us]
Tagline: The South Shall Rise Again ..... and Again
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Who Picked This Movie?
It was Captain Cool who gave us the pleasure of viewing this gem.

Wyatt - Steve Sandkuhler
Mel - Christopher Gummer
Sarah - Rebecca Bach
Bill - Jim Ball
Lin - Judy Dixon
Kiyomi - Mimi Ishikawa
Capt. Mahler - Mark Redfield
Deputy Franklin - Bumb Roberts
Capt. Fritz - Richard Ruxton

Written by - Lon Huber & Tony Malanowski

Directed by - Tony Malanowski

Reviews from the Cheesy Movie Night Crew

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Captain Cool - 6 out of 10

This film is completely be-bop-ba-loop-ba-BAD! The acting is NONexsistent. The film was shot on mul ...

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Fox - 7 out of 10

Yeah, ok, I get's supposed to be a joke (at least I think). In any case, that's what the mov ...

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Check list

Random violence - yes
Bazooka shots - yes
Special effects - no
Acting - no
Editing - no
Pointless nudity - no

Look For

Tony Stark??? Iron Man wrote this movie?
The fuck is this? A Michael Jackson video?!
Is that car horn or trumpet?
Drinking and driving? Hmmm, must be as dumb as a racist.
Does anyone study their damn lines?!
Why did you change into bikinis in the first fucking place?!
Pointless closeups...and an EXTREME ZIPPER SEQUENCE!
She's thirsty, not sad, you idiot!
All this laughing, yet, not a damn thing is funny. Maybe they're laughing at themselves.
Yes. I am inquisitive.
More walking....
Still walking...
(Girls screaming)
*zzz* What?! Oh, zombies...finally.
Think they're enjoying this cannibal thing a little too much.
How do organs come from on top of the body?
What symbolism?
Don't help or anything. That would be dumb.
The End?! WTF?!

Best Lines

Bill - "Come on man, you're the biggest."

Mel - "I'm not twisting her arm."
Lin - "You're twisting her heart."

Final Verdict
Are you kidding?! This movie is horrible as hell! That's all the more reason for you to rent it. Just make sure to bring a pillow.

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