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A bright light slams into the ground near some campers. They go to investigate, and like most campers, end up dead.
The next morning, a couple wakes up to find a nightmare in their basement. The rest of the family (uncle, aunt, two sons) wake up and think that the parents have just gone to town. Meanwhile, the monstrosity in the basement continues to grow, and little spawns start running through the house (and out into town). Only a determined kid knows what to do to stop the...DEADLY SPAWN.

Cheeser Meter: 9.0 out of 10 (Based on 1 ratings, rate this movie)
Year: 1983
Copyright: 1983 Filmline
Tagline: Mankind Versus the Ultimate Killing Machine!
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Who Picked This Movie?
It was Fox who gave us the pleasure of viewing this gem.

Charles - Charles George Hildebrandt
Pete - Tom DeFranco
Frankie - Richard Lee Porter
Ellen - Jean Tafler
Aunt Millie - Ethel Michelson
Uncle Herb - John Schmerling

Director - Douglas McKeown
Written by - Ted A. Bohus, John Dods, Tim Sullivan, & Douglas McKeown

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Fox - 9 out of 10

Fuck Randy from Scream. Little Charlie is my man when it comes time to throw down. That fool had it ...

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Check list

Random violence - yes
Bad ass kid - yes
Uppercut - no
Dialogue (?) - yes
Bad guy from Contra - yes

Look For

Dammit you got ketchup on my glasses!
Wow, that isn't a model house at all...
So he's 35, and she's 70...right.
Is he shitting on him?
What the hell is that kid watching?
That's the brightest flashlight, ever.
How exactly did he not notice that before???
Extreme close-up!
That is the face of determination.
Yeah, best not to help, makes more sense to wave your hands and yell.
Damn, nice catch.
Run 'n shock!

Best Lines

Frank - "Holy mackerel."
Ellen - "Hardly. I wouldn't say there's anything holy about it."

Spawnlette - "Eeeeee!"

Spawn - "Eeeee EEEEE eeEEEE!"

Final Verdict
Did you see the score? Buy it immediately! Also, check this link for an interview with creator Ted Bohus!

Screen Shots:
Title Screen
Damn, that has to hurt
Charlie thinks about what role horror movies have in his life
The flashlight lights up the whole basement?
It's the bad guy from Contra!
Mini spawn!
This is the face of determination.
A tender moment before the world goes to hell.
That's it, be helpful and wave your arms around.

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