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A housekeeper named Thorn, who works at a ranch owned by Old Man Ive, makes the mistake of opening an exploding chest that contains a script. Shortly thereafter, he is burned alive by a, uh, demon with a flame thrower. Later, we are introduced to four friends (Gene, Linda, Cary, and Shelley) and Ken Sagoes who are going to visit Gene's Uncle Ive. They soon discover the awful secret of the ranch as they are slowly picked off... in some really, really strange (and inventive) ways. Linda finds the script and attempts to unravel the mystery before they are all killed.
Uncle Ive later reveals that the script is the product of a journalist who was killed by a South American tribe. His ashes are in an urn that is in the exploding chest Thorn found. He's exacting his revenge on anyone that goes anywhere near the ranch, probably because he looks like Quan Chi from the Mortal Kombat series. No wonder he's so pissed. The friends concoct some ideas on how to rid the world of the killer journalist (*snicker*), ultimately deciding on giving him a proper burial. But will it work?

Cheeser Meter: 9.0 out of 10 (Based on 3 ratings, rate this movie)
Year: 1988
Copyright: 1988 City Lights Home Video.
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Who Picked This Movie?
It was Fox who gave us the pleasure of viewing this gem.

Lenny - Ken Sagoes
Linda - Laura Albert
Gene - Jude Gerard
Cary - Lenny Delducca
Shelley - Kelly Sullivan
Uncle Ive - Theodore Lehmann
Ms. Camden - Judy Gord
Thorn - R.J. Walker
Evil Spirit - Mark Ginther

Writer & Director - Thomas Dewier

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Check list

Script - no
Random cranium violence- yes
Kites- yes
Angela Lansbury- no
Sense - no

Look For

Ca-caw? What animal is that?
7-Up plug!
Stock footage dancing!
Nipple to the north!
Um, she still has her underwear on...
Exploding semen!
The surprise in the forest!
Bodies that go *Pop!* Did he turn into bubblegum?
Rocks trigger electricity?
The old lady was 2 inches away from the door! Where did she go??
That makeout scene is HOT!
Flaming motorbikes??? Ok, I quit.

Best Lines

Thorn - "Come on, Camden, Fire me!"

Lenny - "Isn't this supposed to be a pretty dangerous area for a white man?"

Lenny - "Don't look at me cause I could sleep on a picket fence."

Lenny - "What the hell are we doing here then? I'm gettin the fuck out of here!"
Camden - "You don't understand. It won't let you leave."
Lenny - "Bullshit, you watch me. I'm gett...uh, I'm gettin the fuck outta here!"

Cary - "We're going to try and rewrite the script, insert the pages, and see what happens."
Camden - "Cary, you can't undo what has already been done."
Cary - "No, we're going to try and rewrite, insert the pages, and see what happens!"

Lenny - "Yah-fuckin-hoo!"

Final Verdict
Definitely recommend grabbing this. It has something for everbody, considering the high randomness of the movie. Just sit back and be confused.

Screen Shots:
Title Screen
Come on, Camden, Fire me!
Diet 7up Plug (Awesome)
Time to get crazy!
Stock Footage Dancing
Oh yes, that is a KITE!
The death of 'Nipple to the North'
Out in the middle of the woods? How about an 80's hair band?
Death to Kite Boy!
Pop goes the body!
Satan and his motorcycle minions

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