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    Demon, The (1979)
"Demon, The" Boxart

A young lady OCEAN kidnapped screaming from her OCEAN a psychic is called to help find her actor gets killed.
The psychic looks for leads LET'S SING SONGS KIDS blink blink bad guy psychic orgasms in woman's room. Two women talk and go on dates OCEAN dad gets killed mom shoots psychic in head!? OCEAN women go on dates OH NO RUN naked naked naked SCISSORS the end.
Story? Editing? Who needs it!?

Cheeser Meter: 5.0 out of 10 (Based on 1 ratings, rate this movie)
Year: 1979
Copyright: Gold Key Entertainment
Tagline: The screams you hear may be your own!
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Who Picked This Movie?
It was Fox who gave us the pleasure of viewing this gem.

Mary - Jennifer Holmes
Jo - Zoli Markey
Dean - Craig Gardner
Bobby - Mark Tanous
Carson - Cameron Mitchell
Parker - Peter Elliott
Joan - Moira Winslow

Written & Directed by - Percival Rubens

Reviews from the Cheesy Movie Night Crew

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Fox - 5 out of 10

At one point, and this never happens with me, I literally screamed "What in the fuck is going on!?" ...

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Check list

Pointless Nudity - yes
Random violence - yes
Uppercut - YES!
Editing - no
Editing - no
Editing - no

Look For

Guess the credits are over.
Extreme close-up! Of a rock?
Is this whole movie people screaming each others' names?
Yeah, I feel that way about actors too.
Did he he orgasming?
Drunk cam!
Is that Funkytown?
Worst dubbing ever.
Damn is that Rapper's Delight??
Amityville Horror plug!
Did someone just unplug the camera?
Wow...bounce bounce.
By buh-bye you mean go swimming?
I heard screaming at a wound makes it bleed more.

Best Lines

Person on Radio - "Buh buh bzz bzz bzz bee bee buh."

Carson - "He's less than a man, but more than a man."

Mary - "I prefer cats that work for a living."

Dean - "My house is your house as they say in Spain."

Bobby - "Could you love a man with roots growing out of the bottom of his feet?"

Final Verdict
Incoherent is just the first of many words to describe it, but it's good for a laugh or two.

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