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"I Drink Your Blood" Boxart

"Gol'darned hippies!" is the soup of the day for the sleepy town of Valley Hills. Well, in this case, "Gol'darned satanic worshippin' hippies!". The group of "punkers" make an effort causing all kinds of trouble and raping one of the townsfolk in the process. The Granpappy don't take too kindly to that and decides to extract some "Texas Justice", however, he's unsuccessful. Now it's up to his grandson to take the law into his own hands.
So what does he do? Well, what any normal kid would do. Find a dog infected with rabies, shoot it, and inject the infected blood into some meatpies for the hippies to "enjoy".
"Com'n get it" indeed.

Cheeser Meter: 5.0 out of 10 (Based on 2 ratings, rate this movie)
Year: 1970
Copyright: 1970 Jerry Gross Productions
Tagline: Nope
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Who Picked This Movie?
It was Captain Cool who gave us the pleasure of viewing this gem.

Horace - Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury
Sue-Lin - Jadine Wong
Molly - Rhonda Fultz
Rollo - George Patterson
Pete - Riley Mills
Roger - Jack Damon
Mildred - Elizabeth Marner-Brooks
Doc Banner - Richard Bowler
Andy - Tyde Kierney
Sylvia - Iris Brooks
Shelly - Alex Mann

Written & directed by - David E. Durston

Reviews from the Cheesy Movie Night Crew

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Captain Cool - 5.5 out of 10

I do remember reading this one got paired with "I Eat Your Skin" as a Drive-In double bill, but I h ...

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Wolf Zombie - 4.5 out of 10

Man o Man... Where to start on this one... Come on. Help me out here. No really. ...

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Check list

Pointless nudity- yes
Random violence - yes
Uppercut- no
Fun with broken Casio- yes
"Just say NO" to "L stuff"- yes
"Meatpies"?! - yes

Look For

Who the fuck is he, Conan?!
Does he really need to say all of that naked?
Did you say "Stab her" or "Stop her"?
Well I'm sure he didn't say "rape her". Sheesh!
That's just wrong. Heheh!
You'll need two hands for those hams.
Poor rats. What'd they ever do?
Someone please shut off that damn vacuum!
Wait a second! Didn't he already tell you last night?!
I challange you to a duuueeel.
What are you standing there for?
Wha-What did I do wrong?
Texas Justice!
Fun with prosthetics, again.
Damn! She went through all of them?!
"Boah Konstrikter"?!
Knock out an old person's dentures and they're out like a light. I saw it.
Someone hit "repeat" on the CD player.
Holy shit! Maybe they really went crazy! They're destroying the set!
Water kills rabies. I saw it.
Texas Justice!

Best Lines

Horace - "Local girl my ass!"

Horace - "Sonofa beetch!"

Mildred - "There's nobody left in this town because of that damn dam."

Horace - "Shelly, you're beautiful, but if you ain't careful, I'm gonna skin your ass alive."

Final Verdict
Let it be known!!! *Cough* Uh, we mean better flip a coin with this one.

Screen Shots:
Title Screen
The kid himself
The Hippie Gang
Grandpa's Acid Trip
Rabid Dog, The cause
Mmmmmm, Meat Pies
The Hippie Hooker
Crazy Construction Chase

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