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    Purple Glow (2005)
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A looming meteor shower has all the astronomers around the globe waiting in anticipation. Either that, or they are just horny, at least according to this movie.
A meteorite slams into the woods next to a group of camping 20-somethings. One of the girls makes the mistake of touching it...and masturbates. No, I'm not kidding, why do you ask?
Anyway, the group reconvenes and heads to bed. Samantha, the rock-touching hitchhiker, is sleeping in Darin and Mia's tent alone, while Darin snoozes in the car. She wakes up, and molests the drunken tool, bringing him back to the tent. Suddenly, her eyes go purple!!!
The next morning, Darin and Samantha are nowhere to be found. The rest of the group scream at each other until Samantha comes back and tells them not to touch the rock, that it's evil.
Not knowing what to do, the group splits up to try and find help and/or Darin. Who will survive the shiny purple aura of the meteorite?

Cheeser Meter: 7.8 out of 10 (Based on 2 ratings, rate this movie)
Year: 2005
Copyright: 2005 SVBI Films
Tagline: No cure. No shelter. No boundaries.
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Who Picked This Movie?
It was Fox who gave us the pleasure of viewing this gem.

Debbie - Elisabeth Faure
Costa - Justin
Darin - Michael Brunet
Mia - Magenta Baribeau
Female Astronomer - Linsday Brown
Male Astronomer - Marc Durocher
Samantha - Melantha Blackthorne

Director - SV Bell
Written by - Robbie Ribspreader

Reviews from the Cheesy Movie Night Crew

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Fox - 5.5 out of 10

I'd just like to say: poor Justin. Surrounded by a psycho, mood-swinging girlfriend, an extremely dr ...

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Check list

Pointless nudity - no
Random violence - yes
Uppercuts - no
Lame Star Trek reference - yes

Look For

Dramatically pausing meteorite?
Darin is a pretty convincing we have another Jack Palance on our hands?
What the hell is a pre-pubescent frat boy?
Great, it's a running gag...
Who keeps farting?
Canned slow-motion screams!
The world goes silent...and we're back.
She was all smoochy a second ago!
Pointlessly sped-up sequence!
How did she not see the body???
Damn she cleaned up good!
Wow, that isn't a CG backdrop...
More farting and slow motion screaming.
"Buried" means "laid out in a field in complete plain sight." I saw it.
Slow motion water splash?

Best Lines

Female Astronomer (F.A.) - "That's an appropriate star-gazing beverage?"
Male Astronomer (M.A.) - "It is when I'm trying to get into your pants."

Mia - "What's so funn-eeee?"

M.A. - "What's your sign?"
F.A. - "No trespassing."

M.A. - " The final frontier."

F.A. - "WellyoubecarefuldrivingcauseIdon'twantyouhittinganytreesontheway."

Eddie - "Crap-uh!"

Samantha - "Start fresh tomorrow?"
Justin - "Very fresh."

Final Verdict
If you can get past the obvious super-low budget nature of this flick, then it's worth a look see.
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