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More of that good ol' Templar craziness again as Mr. de Ossorio graces us with another tale of the wacky adventures of the Blind Dead.
This time around the Templars are back for blood! *muwahahaha!* Again! *muwahahaha!* (Well, vengeance, too; but mostly blood!) Legend has it that the townsfolk from back when burned all of their eyes and barr-bee-cued 'em at the stake for 'un they were practicin' that crazy 'witch' stuff. Guess they don't take to kindly to that 'round they-ah.
Fast forward to the present, and it's during the town's big Cenntennial celebration that they decide to arise and ride (slowly) and (slowly) extract demise to all unsuspecting victims who are unable to escape their grasp! Luckily a few are able to. However, they hole themselves up in an old cathedral and must survive until daybreak.
Beware the Blind (and damn slow) Dead! *muwahahahaha!!!!*

Cheeser Meter: 6.0 out of 10 (Based on 1 ratings, rate this movie)
Year: 1973
Copyright: 1973 Ancla Century Films
Tagline: Scream... So They Can Find You
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Who Picked This Movie?
It was Captain Cool who gave us the pleasure of viewing this gem.

Jack - Tony Kendall
Mayor Duncan - Fernando Sancho
Vivian - Esperanza Roy
Howard - Frank Braña
Amalia - Lone Fleming
Cabellero - Luis Barboo
Murdo - José Canalejas
Governor - Juan Cazalilla
Doncella - Marisol Delgado
Bert - Ramón Lillo
Juan - José Thelman
Monica - Loli Tovar

Written & directed by - Amando de Ossorio

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Captain Cool - 6 out of 10

If you're expecting this installment to follow the tone of the first, you will be sorely disappoint ...

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Check list

Random Violence - yes
Pointless nudity - yes
Uppercut - no
Awesome fight sequence - yes
Blind Dead Horsees?! - yes

Look For

Wonder if everyone is shouting or just sick?
Fun with extreme-wax-sculpting.
Burn the scarecro..I mean Templars!
Hey wait! We wanna stone you some more!
Hi. I'm Mr. Awesome. Just look at my "awesome" coat as it matches my "Awesomemobile".
Cripes! Is this a horror flick or a soap opera?!
Allow me to take you on this convienently placed grassy knoll.
How the hell did he get over there?!
Some festival. Sounds like war.
Hellooo, Nurse!
Women are very easy to convince. I saw it.
Can't expect them to know exactly where they're going. They are blind you know.
Open up! It's opportunity!
I wasn't hiding! I was tying my shoe!
Gotta love that smooth salsa just before a massacre.
Told you to switch to AT&T, bitch!
Hey why are you all runnin'? We wanna party, too dammnit!
Extreme tag.
The mannequins are blazing! Let's make a run for it!

Best Lines

Villager - "Citizens! Burn all of their eyes out!"

Jack - "You know I have no right to ask you anything. My life is very insecure. I live like a vagabond."
Vivian - "But Jack, It really doesn't matter."

Jack - "Hey baby you don't have to chug-a-lug it. Slow down. We have all the time in the world."

Amalia - "Excuse me, Mayor. Is there anything I can do?"
Mayor Duncan - "Ah forget it!"

Final Verdict
While not as surrious as the first, there's still bunches 'o' fun (albeit the slow-as-hell damn Blind Dead) to be had here!

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