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"Zombie 4: After Death" Boxart

Sometime ago some scientists on an island (in the freakin' rainforest again no less!) were trying to create a cure for cancer. Nope! Their results not only backfired, but cost the life of a young girl who happened to be the daughter of a Voodoo priest.To say the least, he was less than ecstatic. He sacrifices his wife and opens the "gates to Hell" to unleash the "living dead" Muwahahaha*cough*
Well wouldn't you?
Fast forward to the present. A group of "Soldiers of Fortune", one of which is the "soul survivor" from the afformentioned who just happens to hold the key to everything and, coincidentally, a group of hikers end up on the island. Give you three guesses what happens. Nope. Try again.

Cheeser Meter: 7.3 out of 10 (Based on 2 ratings, rate this movie)
Year: 1988
Copyright: 1988 Flora Film
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Who Picked This Movie?
It was Captain Cool who gave us the pleasure of viewing this gem.

Chuck - Jeff Stryker (Yep. That's him.)
Jenny - Candice Daly
David - Massimo Vanni
Dan - Jim Gaines
Tommy - Don Wilson
Louise - Adrianne Joseph
Mad - Jim Moss
Rod - Nick Nicholson

Written by - Rossella Drudi
Directed by - Claudio Fragasso

**"Jeff Stryker's" real name is Chuck Peyton. *snicker*

Reviews from the Cheesy Movie Night Crew

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Captain Cool - 8 out of 10

Few pieces missing to this puzzle fa-sho! The "zombies" played more like those of Demons. (i.e.- go ...

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Fox - 6.5 out of 10

When I first read that this movie had "free-for-all" adult porn star Jeff Stryker (Chuck Peyton) in ...

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Check list

Random violence -yes
Bazooka shots -yes
Editing -no
Pointless nudity -no
Uppercut -no
*I'm leeving aaafta deaath!!!* -yes

Look For

Interpretive dance?
Enough with the eyes already!
Tag! You're dead.
Ewww. "Zombie" yak
More like "Soldiers of Wheel of Fortune" *haw haw!*
Is that Tiger Woods?
Wait. Who was talking?!
Where is Stry-ker, where is Stry-ker?
Reading with Jeff Stryker.
Go to sleep, bitch!
Wait? Didn't we just see that?
C'mon gimmiesomesugah, baby...
Pointless slow-mo, wait, okay they fixed it.
Always one in the crowd.
What? That one didn't even thouch!
Damn! One grenade?
What flashlight?
Jeff Stryker patented-death-face.
Damnit all!!! The eyes agin?!
The End?!

Best Lines

Voodoo Priest - "Aim here. But remember, I'll persecute you. After I'm dead, I'll come looking for you, to feed on your intestines. I'll be in your nightmares".

Jenny - "These graves are empty."
Rod - "They didn't pay their rent. They got evicted."

Mad - "Sure. Its only natural to feel frightened. It's fear that saves your life when you're fighting. Waiting for Charlie to drop out of the trees at night. Those are the times that really count for something in a man's life. When you discover if you've got balls or not."

Rod - "Shoot the motherfucker!"

Final Verdict
Rather solid rip-roarin' rollercoaster that moves at "break-don't-bother-trying-to-figure-out-what's-going-on-and-think-because-you-lose-neck" speed.

Screen Shots:
Title Screen
Terrific Magic Marker Effects
Ninja Zombies?
Pimpin' 70's Porn Moustache
Tiger Woods?
All this from one grenade?
Stryker's patented death face in all its glory!

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